Warning of potential volatility (13th — 16th March 2018)

Oznámení od 12/03/2018

We are writing to give you advanced warning of potential volatility on the back of significant economic announcements. You may want to consider these announcements and factor them into your trading decisions.

The significant announcements and the currencies affected include:

13th March

  • 01:45: NZD — RBNZ Governor Spencer Speaks
  • 13:30: GBP — Annual Budget Release
  • 14:30: USD — CPI

14th March

  • 10:00: EUR — ECB President Draghi Speaks
  • 23:45: NZD — GDP

15th March

  • 10:30: CHF — Libor Rate

16th March

  • 12:00: EUR — Inflation Final

*All times are Server Time (GMT+2).

Clients should understand that we are not suggesting price movements will go in a particular direction, nor do we encourage you to trade the volatility. We are simply giving you an advanced warning of significant price movements so you can adjust your trades to mitigate the volatility.

IMPORTANT! We remind you that liquidity tends to get thinner, and spreads tend to widen during economic news. We strongly advise you to exercise caution when trading during these specific dates.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Vezměte prosím na vědomí, že některá oznámení mohou být nyní zastaralá a nejsou právě aktuální.

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